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SPARK Summer Program – Intensive Educational Boost


Are you concerned that your child may not have met their grade/age level learning milestones this past year?

Our SPARK Summer Program gives elementary and middle school students the academic boost they  need to ignite reading, writing, spelling and math brainpower to start the next school year strong.


Are you worried that online learning is leaving your child behind? How can a parent know for sure?

SPARK Academic Evaluations

At Child Success Center our Educational Therapists are highly trained in the identification process of individual learning styles and the underlying roots of learning challenges that may be preventing a child from reaching his/her potential. After an initial thorough assessment lasting approximately 40 minutes, parents receive feedback and an overview of an individualized program created to meet the child’s specific needs.

NOTE: Due to a growing concern this year over learning deficits, we will be offering SPARK Academic Evaluations beginning in March, to best get ahead of the game and be able to support your child during the upcoming summer months. 


What are Educational Intensives?

 Educational Therapy - Writing - Child Success CenterWhen learning skills are significantly delayed, the therapist might recommend a more intensive course of support, perhaps in a specific area like reading, writing, spelling or math. These “intensives” may involve the specialized services of an Occupational Therapist and/or a Speech Therapist, in collaboration with the Educational Therapist.

Our SPARK Summer Program academic intensives are customized to maximize a student’s motivation and interest, and help foster joy in learning, which in turn, will result in fast, lasting and successful outcomes.


Avoid the Summer Slide

Studies reveal that a child can lose up to 30% of their math and reading abilities over the summer break, commonly known as the “summer slide”. This compelling statistic now has the added component of the as yet undefined scope of academic learning deficits resulting from extended online learning.

With just a few hours a week during the summer, intensive focus on academic skills can make a significant difference in your child’s readiness for re-entry into the classroom and the next grade level in the fall.


What makes the CSC SPARK Summer Program different from other similar programs?

  • Pre & post assessments to measure success
  • All our clinicians are Masters level with extensive experience assessing and treating childhood learning challenges
  • Our clinicians are highly trained in identifying and treating the underlying root of a child’s learning difficulty, not just the functional issue.
  • Our Educational Therapists have access to and collaborate with other members of the CSC therapy team to address a child’s learning challenges associated with underlying issues that include visual, auditory, language, sensorimotor, oculomotor, memory and attention.
  • By supporting the underlying brain processing pieces of the puzzle and not just the skill itself, a child will learn to be a strong and independent learner.

This year, let the Child Success Center’s SPARK Summer Program give your child the learning boost he needs, delivered in a fun, engaging and movement-filled environment with facilitators who will support and nurture each child as an individual.

Call today to schedule your child’s academic evaluation so we can start building his/her roadmap to SUCCESS!



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