Pediatric Screenings


Speech and language screening


Occupational, Reading, and Speech and Language Screenings

Speech and language skills and sensory motor development are necessary for academic development and effective communication. Both provide the foundation for learning. If a child is struggling, with the right help, early detection can ultimately assist them to succeed. To determine if a child is indeed struggling in these areas The Child Success Center (CSC) offers sensory motor, reading, OT handwriting and speech and language screenings at your school or our center. 

The screenings are conducted by a licensed Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist or a Educational Therapist from CSC, and are designed to provide early identification that may require further diagnostic testing and or treatment. 

  • The Speech and Language Screening will evaluate your child’s speech (articulation), receptive language comprehension, expressive language, voice, fluency, and oral motor schools through informal observation, as well as through partial administration of a standardized language test.
  • The Sensory Motor Screening will evaluate your child’s attention and play or social development, gross (large) and fine (small) motor skills, sensory processing, and pre-writing skills through informal observation, as well as through partial administration of a standardized assessment.
  • Occupational Therapy Handwriting Screening 
  • Reading Screening

Following each screening the child’s parent and or guardian will receive an explanation of the results and, if necessary, recommendations for follow-up.


Pre-School Speech and Language Screenings

A pre-school speech and language screening is a way for an SLP to observe children (approximately ages 2.5 – 5) in the school environment, to determine if they demonstrate appropriate understanding and use of language, production of speech sounds, attention, and social skills with peers.

Learn more about pre-school speech and language screenings and how to arrange them for your school.

If you are a parent or a member of a school wanting to learn more please do not hesitate to call our center for further information.

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