Phone Consultations

It is always important to speak with a therapist before you begin. First we do a telephone consultation, where we obtain your child’s developmental and learning history. This initial complimentary phone consultation provides us with critical information that – along with the intake paperwork – allows us to design an individualized assessment process to address your child’s needs and support his emotional well-being.

During the phone consultation, the therapist will ask questions to discover if the child’s current development or learning challenges are linked to any past challenges or significant history. The therapist will also gather prenatal, postnatal, development and learning milestone information. This information will help us guide you in the appropriate next steps. If there is no history of development or root difficulties, we may offer an initial one-visit consultation instead of starting with a full assessment.

Complimentary Phone Consultation

The phone consultation is complimentary, and will involve no cost to the parent.

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