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Tummy Time Method at CSC

It’s Tummy Time time at CSC and we can’t wait to share techniques to help your baby take advantage of this opportunity for rich interaction and physical, neurological, social and emotional development.

TUMMY TIME IS FUN – let’s do this together!

tummy time




What is Tummy Time?

Tummy time is time a baby spends lying on his or her tummy, interacting with a parent or caregiver and the immediate environment. The TummyTime!™ Method is a therapeutic program designed to support posture, movement and social/emotional connection.



Why is it important?

  • builds rich brain connections
  • nurtures development and regulatory skills
  • promotes trunk stability and head control
  • facilitates proper feeding by engaging face, tongue, jaw, throat and neck muscles
  • precursor for rolling over, sitting and crawling
  • helps avoid developing a flat spot on back of head
  • helpful for babies with torticollis (a strong head preference to one side)
  • helps baby’s nervous system feel safe and supported


When should my baby start Tummy Time?

Generally speaking, the following amounts of tummy time are recommended to facilitate rich brain connections. The KEY TO SUCCESS is repetition and consistency, which helps baby’s nervous system feel safe and supported. Focus on the quality of each session and the quantity of sessions will come easier. Aim for 3-4 sessions per day, 5-15 minutes each, to start, gradually building up time.

  • Newborn-2 months old – spend a minimum of 30 minutes per day during awake periods
  • 2-4 months old – spend a minimum of 45-90 minutes per day during awake periods
  • 4-6 months old – spend a minimum of 1-2 hours per day during awake periods
  • 6-8 months old – the majority of waking hours will be spent in tummy time or sitting/learning to sit.  Babies should learn to sit before they learn to stand.

Group Tummy Time sessions at Child Success Center are for babies 1-8 months and last 45 minutes.

Step 1: Prenatal Session – “Get Ready for Tummy Time” – learn all you need to know to support Tummy Time from baby’s first day, including how to avoid torticollis (strong head preference to one side) and plagiocephaly (head molding/flattening)

Step 2: Tummy Time Series (4 sessions)

Step 3: Consider a one-on-one consultation with one of our physical or occupational therapists if you notice any of the following during a session at home:

  • baby fusses or cries consistently during session
  • baby has difficulty turning head from side to side
  • baby arches back consistently
  • baby is unable to touch their face of mouth with a hand while in tummy time position

Tummy Time sessions can also help us become aware of special needs and behaviors if baby:

  • has a strong head preference to one side (or torticollis)
  • has head molding/flattening (plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, etc)
  • has tethered oral tissues, such as tongue/lip/buccal ties
  • sensitive to movement or sounds
  • tense neck or trunk

While Tummy Time is necessary and important for a baby’s development, it is not always easy. Sessions at Child Success Center will show parents how to make the time a successful and joyful experience for all.

Start Tummy Time any time – it’s never too late. Our CSC community is here to support you and your baby on this journey of fun and learning.

Before enrolling, each parent will have a free phone consultation. If there is a concern about a pre-existing condition, a one-on-one consultation may be recommended before starting the group sessions.



Group Tummy Time sessions at Child Success Center are for babies 1-8 months and last 45 minutes.

When: Every Monday at 12:15PM and Thursday at 10:15AM –  call for availability, class size limited

Cost: $65 per session

TUMMY TIME PROGRAM with Dr. Lori Baudino  >click here for details







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