Speech Therapy Evaluation - Child Success Center - Santa Monica, CaliforniaPediatric Speech Therapy Evaluation


Intake and Assessment

The initial intake process for Speech  and Language Therapy includes a parent interview and a review of your child’s developmental and medical history.

An Occupational Therapist from our team will also be consulted to help identify from their perspective any underlying Sensory Processing challenges that could be correlated to expressive or receptive language, joint attention, shared communications, and articulation disorders. Often, children that present as late talkers, struggle with word finding as a result of a difficulty with sequence of thought that directly affects expressive language. They may also have motor challenges that effect speech clarity. These children significantly benefit from a collaborative team treatment program.

Following the intake your child’s speech and language skills will be evaluated through informal observation and/or formal standardized assessment. A therapy program, if appropriate, may be recommended at this time.

Speech Therapy Treatment Plan

Together with the parents, our team of compassionate and experienced therapists will develop a treatment plan appropriate for your child’s needs. At Child Success Center®, we believe in creating a treatment plan based on the “just right challenge”. Our goal is create a positive learning environment so that your child feels supported to participate in activities slightly above his/her skill level.

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