Pediatric Educational Therapy Evaluation


Intake and Assessment


The intake process includes formal and informal assessment of the child as needed, record review, parent conference, report (if requested), and recommendations and remediation plan. This process is necessary to provide the best quality service and information for your child in regard to the learning process.

The assessment process is achieved during one or two 50 minute sessions, depending on pertinent assessment information available. After the initial assessment (or review of assessment information) a parent conference is held during which the parents and educational therapist confer about the best remediation plan for the child.


Educational Therapy Treatment Plan

A major goal of this meeting with the parent is to demystify the learning process and the challenges your son or daughter is facing. It is recommended that a report be created and shared with an existing professional in the child’s academic life. This will allow for communication of strengths and challenges of the student and identification of specific focus for therapy.

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