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Most children with development/learning delays need intervention/therapy in multiple areas. It is not uncommon that they are struggling with motor skills, visual skills and speech and language skills concurrently. Working as a team allows clinicians to assess and treat the whole brain/whole child, bringing about change and success in a timely manner. At Child Success Center®, our highly-trained and certified, multidisciplinary team of pediatric speech and language, occupational and educational therapists use an evidence based, individualized approach to help your child reach their potential and thrive.

Passionate, knowledgeable therapists work collaboratively under one roof.

Our therapists are hired not just for their knowledge, training and experience but also for their ability to be compassionate, creative and fun, and to nurture each child along their individual journey. This relationship is the key to success. Once a child’s unique developmental profile is established, the right team of clinicians in the right combination works to treat the whole child.

By working in a collaborative model, the clinicians are able to work together to create a small peer group session – providing the “just right” challenge for many children who are struggling with building friendships and controlling their attention and behavior in a group. We even have the ability to create a 1:1 therapist/child ratio within a small group, so kids have the “just right” level of support and experience positive friendship experiences.

We believe that when development/learning challenges are addressed in this comprehensive way, your child can develop the essential foundation to learning success. Our therapists are passionate about continuing their own education, sharing information, guiding and case managing children, referring families to community information, and educating teachers.

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