Who Needs Our Therapeutic Services?

88B3358-smParenting is not an easy job, and parenting a child who needs more support to reach their developmental milestones can be even more challenging. Often a parent does not know where to turn, how to help their child and how these issues will affect their child’s future.

The Child Success Center® team is here to help you understand the “who, what, where and how.” We help all children who are struggling with the “jobs of childhood,” including those diagnosed with ADHD, Learning Disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorders, Executive Function, Dyslexia and Speech and Language disorders. We also work with children without a formal diagnosis, but who may be struggling in some way to meet development milestones and learning challenges.

Every child is an individual in personality, temperament, and therapeutic needs.

At Child Success Center, we make every effort to find the best fit for your child, and family, within our team of skilled therapists in regard to temperament and clinical knowledge, to facilitate the most successful outcomes.

Our intake process includes an in-depth, complementary parent phone call with our director to discuss your reasons for reaching out, to gather information, and to determine the best match of a therapist or therapists for your child’s assessment and/or treatment.

If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s learning and development, our team is here to help guide you and your family.


Did You Know?

The Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network estimated in 2010 that in 11 US locations monitored, 1 in 68 children, aged 8, were identified with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our team supports children from infancy through the early middle school years. Below is a list of some of the behaviors and areas of development in which our team can help. With a deeper understanding about childhood development and the learning process, parents have the ability to intervene earlier getting their child the “right support at the right time,” and the gift of success.

Does your child struggle in any of these areas?

Behavioral Issueschilds behavior

  • Is frequently more irritable when compared to same aged peers
  • Often struggles with transitions or changes in the plan
  • Has frequent temper tantrums
  • Has poor frustration tolerance
  • Has excessive emotional outbursts when unsuccessful at a task
  • Has difficulty making friends (does not interact or participate in group play)
  • Is sensitive to criticism
  • Often appears anxious
  • Has difficulty going to sleep, staying asleep and wakes early.
  • Is rigid and inflexible to the point is disrupts the family routine
  • Has fears that interfere with daily routines
  • As an infant cries or cried excessively ( colic)

Communication Issues


  • Does not respond to name when called
  • Startles easily or is distracted by noise
  • Is or was a late talker
  • Struggles to pay attention and follow directions
  • Is difficult to understand when speaking
  • Lacks order and clarity when sharing thoughts and ideas
  • Takes longer than same aged peers to respond when spoken to


monkeybars-200x300Body Movement Issues

  • Avoids climbing or playing ball and seems clumsy; falls frequently
  • Struggles or is unable to hold a pencil and/or scissors like same aged peers
  • Avoids or struggles to draw and handwrite
  • Sitting still is a challenge, unless focused on computer or TV- on the go
  • Seems sensitive to the world or becomes overly excited during movement play




Educational Issues

  • Avoids reading or struggles to read
  • Gets into trouble and dislikes school
  • Avoids, cries and/or battles over homework
  • Is easily frustrated and emotionally fragile
  • Struggles to pay attention and follow directions
  • Has poor writing skills
  • Finds math very difficult
  • Struggles to remember things

If child is displaying any of these symptoms, our team can help. For development and learning milestones and a complete list of signs and symptoms, download our Developmental Checklist to see if your child might have a developmental issue.

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>Behavioral Therapy 

>Physical Therapy

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