Our Vision Brings Us Together.

Our Goal Is Your Child’s Success.


Child Success Center® is a fun and safe environment for your child to grow and learn. Our multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified and compassionate pediatric therapists, using the whole child” approach, will guide your child through early development and into the middle school years, enabling him to achieve both personal and academic success.

Child Success Center understands that development and learning challenges are multi-faceted. Our comprehensive assessment process evaluates the whole child and treatment plans take into consideration the unique situation of each family. Our services and programs are tailored to meet each child’s needs, strengths and challenges.

Through our on-going assessment and treatment planning process, parents are kept “in the loop” and supported by our staff as they learn to support their child’s application of new skills at home, school and in social settings. We recognize, appreciate and respect each child’s unique potential to do great things, and we strive to help them realize that potential and achieve both personal and academic success. Our ultimate goal is that each child develops confidence and a positive sense of self in the way he or she navigates life.

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Child Success Center
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