Issues Treated with Educational Therapy

Educational therapy can help address a number of learning and attention issues, including:

Common Signs & Indicators

Your child may benefit from our services if you recognize any of the following:

Reading Issues:

Preschool Reading

  • Mixing up the sounds and syllables in long words for example “mawn lower” instead of “lawn mower”
  • Has more difficulty than other children pronouncing words, like saying “basgetti” for spaghetti
  • May be slow to add new vocabulary words and be unable to recall the right word
  • May have trouble learning the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, colors, shapes, etc.


School Age Reading


  • Has difficulty reading single words that are not surrounded by other words
  • Slow to learn the connection between letters and sounds
  • Confuses small words such as “at” and “to” or “does” with “goes”
  • Consistently makes reading and spelling errors, that include any of the following:

-Letter reversals such as “d” for “b”

-Word reversals like “tip” for “pit”

  • Inversions such as confusions between “m” and “w” or “u” and “n”
  • Transpositions like mixing up “felt” and “left”
  • Substitutions such as “house” and “home”
  • Slow, choppy, inaccurate reading:

-Guesses based on shape or context

-Skips or misreads prepositions (at, to, of)

-Ignores suffixes

-Can’t sound out unknown words

  • Often can’t remember sight words (they, were, does) or homonyms (their, they’re, and there)
  • Over sensitive to sounds or easily interrupted
  • Avoids reading
  • Reads at a level lower than their peers despite good instruction at school
  • Poor recall of information


Writing Issues:

School Age Writing


  • Slow non-automatic handwriting
  • Avoids copying information from the board
  • Difficulty learning cursive
  • Has terrible spelling
  • May spell the same word differently on the same page.
  • Makes consistent spelling errors
  • Uses limited vocabulary when writing
  • Doesn’t elaborate or describe
  • Has a hard time expressing his/her ideas in writing
  • Avoids writing
  • Essays lack organization
  • Delayed reading
  • Poor recall of information


Math Issues:

Preschool Math

  • Doesn’t count-on, always starts with 1
  • Difficulty determining sequence
  • Slow to learn numbers and how they relate to quantity
  • Difficulty discerning between coins
  • Slow to identify patterns, or know what comes next
  • Doesn’t sort objects by size, color, or type

School Age Math

  • Slow to develop counting and math problem-solving skills
  • Good memory for printed words, but difficulty reading numbers, or recalling numbers in sequence
  • Good with general math concepts, but inaccurately computes or writes and organization skills need to be used to solve problems
  • Finds concepts like trading or borrowing very difficult
  • Trouble with the concept of time, they may be late often, have difficulty remembering schedules, trouble with approximating how long something will take, avoids transitions
  • Poor sense of direction, easily disoriented and easily confused by changes in routine
  • Can do math functions one day, but is unable to repeat them the next day
  • Poor mental math ability
  • Avoids playing strategy games or has difficulty keeping score



Executive Functioning, & Time Management Issues:

School Age Executive Function

  • Has difficulty sustaining attention long enough, especially to boring, tedious, or repetitive tasks.
  • Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in schoolwork or other activities.
  • Doesn’t follow through on instructions or slow to transition between tasks
  • Often loses things necessary to complete a task or doesn’t turn in assignments
  • Has a hard time getting started on things and has a poor sense of time
  • May be overwhelmed easily, give up too soon, be forgetful, or frustrate easily
  • Often has difficulty awaiting their turnand/or may blurt out an answer before question has been completed
  • Weak problem solving skills and/or poor judgment
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