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_88B1544 (Medium)A child’s “occupations” entail everything that he or she does throughout the day. The most important occupations are playing, socializing, and learning. The purpose of pediatric  occupational therapy is to help a child become comfortable, independent, and proficient in these areas of their lives. Our occupational therapists specialize in taking a holistic approach to helping children be successful in the many “jobs” of childhood.

If you feel your child is struggling in any of these areas or working harder than they need to, our occupational therapists are skilled in sensory processing challenges and more.

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At Child Success Center®, occupational therapy is presented in the form of very specific and targeted play. We draw from extensive knowledge, training, and experience in child development, along with the most current treatment approaches and programs. Our approach uses activities to challenge and teach, while safeguarding and building a child’s self-confidence and esteem.



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