Our Facility, Sensory Motor Gym and Satellite Location


Child Success Center®,  Los Angeles, includes a state-of-the-art  sensory motor gym, quiet, calm learning spaces and a family-friendly waiting area. Our center facilitates growth and development across all ages and disciplines to provide each child with an environment that suits his needs.

Occupational, educationalspeech and language, physical and behavioral therapists treat the whole child, providing a cohesive team approach and convenience for busy families. While one sibling receives support from multiple therapeutic services, another sibling can enjoy enrichment classes – all at one place!

Child Success Center in Los Angeles – 2023 S. Westgate Ave. , Los Angeles, CA 90025

  • PARKING NOTE : Please DO NOT PARK in the lot, as those spots are reserved for therapists and other businesses in the complex. There is ample parking on the surrounding streets. (Armacost Ave., La Grange Ave., Mississippi Ave., and S. Westgate Ave.) There are “all day” or “2 hour” parking options in the surrounding neighborhood.

Child Success Center also has a fully equipped satellite sensory motor gym facility in Pacific Palisades for added convenience. Ideally located in close proximity to area schools for easy “after school” access.


Personal facility tours are available by calling or contacting us at 310-899-9597.



Child Success Center Sensory Motor Gym


Child Success Center Santa Monica Sensory Motor Gym

Child Success Center
2023 S. Westgate Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Call 310-899-9597 to access our “warm” line.
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