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The SPARK Summer Math ProgramSPARK Summer Math Program Child Success Center

The SPARK Summer Math Program at Child Success Center is ideal for elementary and middle school children that can be identified as math delayed. The individually customized program will enable each child to  increase strength in areas like visuospatial skills, sequencing skills, memory and attention, and number sense.

Math Challenges

Math delay is often difficult to differentiate from a reading disability. The reason for this lack of separation is because math is not a solitary concept and shares parts of the brain used for other tasks. Math challenges or dyscalculia (the name for a disability in math) can also accompany problems with attention, memory, language, sensorimotor functions, visuospatial abilities, and executive functioning.

Most children that struggle with math fall into one of two categories: poor processors or poor planners.

Poor processors are children who have trouble taking information into their brains. These students have poor number sense, for example, they have trouble with their multiplication or addition facts. They also can have trouble with skills like measuring, rounding, estimating, doing mental math, and ranking anything.

Poor planners are children who have trouble with sequencing and memory. They may have their math facts, but if these students are given a problem requiring several steps, they might get confused or lost. These children also have trouble when given a task to move an item from one place to another in the smallest steps. They also can suffer with executive functioning tasks.

How can you tell if your child is having math difficulty? Some signs are:

  • They cannot remember their math facts or know them one day and then forget them the next day.
  • They have trouble with learning the days of the week or telling time.
  • They get confused about money or how to make change.
  • They have a high frequency of procedural errors.
  • They avoid games of strategy.
  • They avoid puzzles or mazes.
  • They have difficulty lining up math problems.
  • They have trouble with multi-step directions or sequencing.
  • They have trouble when asked to explain math procedures.

Some of the results driven support programs we use are:

  • Lindamood Bell: On Cloud 9
  • Ronit Bird
  • Overcoming Difficulties with Number
  • Times Tables the Fun Way
  • Addition the Fun Way

Call Child Success Center – 310.899.9597 – to learn more or schedule an initial assessment to sign up for the SPARK Summer Math Program.

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