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Parenting the “outside the box” child from a dad’s perspective.


Are you a problem solver, but out of solutions on how to help your child? Are you and your spouse struggling to parent your child’s behavior?


3 Part Series Dads’ Discussion Group


When you receive a diagnosis for a child, whether it’s sensory/processing based, speech related, developmental, or behavioral – it’s often jarring and confusing. Dad may begin to question his parenting choices, or feel guilt, fear, anxiety and anger. Ultimately, dad may even choose to deal with this by creating a plan of action. But how? How to make things better – what to do – how to help?

Child Success Center is presenting a Dads’ Discussion Group in a series of 3 evenings this fall designed to provide insights into self-care, ways to support your child and partner, information about diagnosis, provide camaraderie (you are not alone), and provide tools needed to maintain patience and a perspective of positivity to focus on the strengths of all involved. This feedback and constructive re-training will be helpful as dad endeavors to adjust to the new situation and systems in place.

Whether you’re the stay at home dad, primary care giver, tag-teammate, or weekend warrior- all roles are welcome to discuss how and what you can do to make the most of this challenging phase of childhood.

TOPICS (new dates coming soon)

Dads discussion groupOctober 10 Communication strategies for dads. Learn different techniques a dad can use to support their child and partner. We’ll discuss when can a child benefit from behavioral interventions, occupational, speech, or educational therapy.

October 24 Debunking myths about your child’s challenges. Turning your anxieties about your child’s future into long term goals with positive outcomes. Group Q&A.

November 14 Concerned about school placement and what environments will work best for your child? We will address those concerns and discuss how to find a program that fits your goals as well as your child’s.

COST: $135, paid in full at time of registration

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Our “Dads’ Discussion Series” is lead by Patty Ramsey, M.A., LMFT MFC and Melissa Idelson, OTR/L.

Patty has been working with children and families in both school and home settings for the past 10 years. Along with providing Behavioral Therapy to children at the center, Patty also provides marriage and family therapy for parents and their children. She works in close collaboration with the CSC team of Occupational, Speech and Education therapists to ensure she is supporting the whole child.

Melissa is the Director of Child Success Center and has over 25 years of experience assessing and treating children with her team of Occupational, Behavioral, Speech, Educational and Physical therapists.

Together Melissa and Patty are passionate about how they positively impact children and their families, and are excited to help support dads on their journey to support their families through challenging child rearing years.

If you can’t make the fall series stay tuned for the upcoming winter series.

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