Dads’ Discussion Group Details

Dads’ Discussion Group


Date 1: We will discuss how and why children access occupational therapy, speech services, educational therapy, and behavioral interventions.  How to understand and deal with the fluidity of treatment plans, leaps in growth and back sliding. We will review communication strategies and different techniques dads can use to support their child and partner.

Date 2: Turning anxieties about your child’s future into long term goals with positive outcomes. Debunking myths about diagnosis.

Details: How to change your thought process from being linear to milestone based?  Understanding how learning occurs in children, and how and why different therapies work the way they do (or don’t), helps manage expectations of a child’s progress while dealing with a diagnosis.

How to avoid a “disconnect” from your parenting partner resulting from fear and anxiety about your child’s future.  How to apply discipline at home. Understanding different communication styles. Applying patience and self-care while dealing with the extra work required to care for your child. How to avoid the rabbit hole of anxiety causing “parenting should be” info available online.

Date 3:  Parents often have concerns regarding school enrollment and what program would work best for their child. We will address those concerns and discuss how to find a program that fits your goals as well as your child’s (and how to make them one in the same). Parents often have heated discussions about what educational institute will provide their child with the “leg up” they need to move forward academically.  We get into a place of asking “shouldn’t my child be able to do this by now?” or “shouldn’t my child be going to this school?” In this final installation of the series, our goal is to help you from “should-ing” yourself into frustrated despair.

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