Get Set for Kindergarten Program

Preparing your child for kindergarten.

One of the greatest challenges in the young life of most children is making that initial big step into Kindergarten.  Many parents who have had their little ones in preschool believe that Kindergarten is somewhat akin to preschool and that significant academics really don’t kick in until 1st or 2nd grade, but that is far from reality. With the introduction of the new Common Core Standards, the bar is being raised and children entering Kindergarten must be more prepared than ever.  In recent years, California Kindergarten curriculum has shifted to become far more academically skewed than in past decades and now more than ever, it’s very important to have all children properly prepared for these greater new challenges.  To successfully excel in their new setting, children must achieve and master certain educational and social skills to adequately adapt and grow in a more accountable and often faster paced setting.

Some things to look for in the “Kindergarten-ready” child:

  • Follows words left to right and top to bottom
  • Understands that words are separated by spaces in print
  • Recognizes and can name all upper and lower case letters of alphabet
  • Demonstrates basic knowledge of letter sound correspondence by producing primary sound made by most consonants
  • Holds a pencil with an adult grasp – 3 fingers with control of the pencil from the fingers

New Program to Help Kids “Be Prepared” for Kindergarten with Proper Skills

To help those who may need additional support, Child Success Center announces it’s new “Get Set For Kindergarten” program, a fun, interactive opportunity to prepare your child for Kindergarten.  The program will help children develop confidence while taking the first steps toward handwriting and reading.  The huge gymnasium at Child Success Center turns “learning” into “play” and all activities will inspire creative interests and offer hands-on fun through touching, exploring and games.

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Small groups are now forming – call to reserve your child’s spot and help ensure the best start possible to a positive and successful academic experience.

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