Summer Math Club Details

Our Summer Math Program

Child Success Center®’s Summer Math Program helps children struggling with math to more easily understand the concept of numbers and what they represent. The multi-sensory approach to learning that we use provides more “connecting points” for the child to comprehend math and number concepts. As students become more comfortable working with numbers, confidence and enjoyment soars – encouraging them to take on new math and learning challenges and to grow even further.

Program Details

The Child Success Center Summer Math Program:

Our Educational Therapists have designed a therapeutic Math program for children in grades 1-3.
The assessment process determines the child’s weak areas and through myriad fun and creative activities, the neurological processes that build a strong foundation for understanding math and number concepts are addressed. An individualized plan will be created and delivered one-on-one or in small groups, and scheduled as daily intervention or as needed, depending on the child’s needs. Children who have struggled with math and numbers begin to enjoy positive math experiences as their neurological processes are strengthened and foundational skills are acquired.
The results of the summer session will be evident in the fall school term as the child experiences success in…

  • Understanding number concepts and the meaning of operations such as “addition”
  • Developing automatic mental imagery recall of number symbols and what they represent
  • Acquireing an understanding of the steps necessary for math computation
  • Learning math solutions to real life applications such as time and money
  • Learning to solve word problems

Class Sizes

Class sizes will be small (2 – 3 per session), which will maximize the ability of the Educational Therapist to work one-on-one with your child, as well as with the group. Individual intensives and groups now being scheduled. Call today for a pre-summer assessment.

Times: Times will be determined by individual family needs
Age: Children who will be entering 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade in the fall
Enrollment: Call the Child Success Center at 310.899.9597 or click here to contact us.
Cost: Please call for details