Speech Articulation Club – Details

Summer is a great time to make a lisp or any other clarity issue go away for good! The earlier you provide attention to correct these concerns, the faster and easier it is for your child to achieve positive results. As part of normal development, it is expected that children will make mistakes as they learn new sounds and words. However, if these mistakes persist after a certain age, they are often attributed to a sound disorder. The longer a sound disorder goes untreated, the more it sets in as a “habit” and becomes a routine part of your child’s speech.

Child Success Center will be offering an impactful and fun program to help rid your child of speech impediments with a special series of summer articulation classes. These groups, consisting of only 2-3 children each, are conducted by experienced, licensed speech and language pathologists. We help children improve articulation skills by engaging them with fun motivating games, toys, books, puzzles, arts/crafts and dramatic play. Additionally, your child will enjoy the benefits of our large sensory motor gym with a variety of fun gross motor activities, including: swings, rock wall, zip line, trampoline, pillow pit, monkey bars and more!

The process starts with a brief process to assess your child’s speech needs, age and schedule availability so that once a screening has been completed a summer program can be created to support you and your child. Our summer program offers consistent and impactful therapy in a short time frame to get results. This is a fun and inexpensive way to help your child improve articulation skills, speech clarity and confidence!

Call Child Success Center today to schedule a screening to determine if these sessions may help your child.

Program Details

Dates: groups forming on a as needed basis
Enrollment: Call the Child Success Center – 310.899.9597 or click here to contact us
Cost: Pricing will vary based on the number of children in the group.