Kindergarten Readiness and Summer Camp 2013

Now is the Time to Ask, “Is My Child Ready For Kindergarten in the Fall?”

Kindergarten Readiness Summer Camp

One of the greatest challenges in the young life of most children is making that initial big step into Kindergarten.  Many parents who have had their little ones in preschool believe that Kindergarten is somewhat akin to preschool and that significant academics really don’t kick in until 1st or 2nd grade, but in newer times that is far from reality.  In recent years, California Kindergarten curriculum has shifted to become far more academically skewed than in past decades and now more than ever, it’s very important to have all children properly prepared for these greater new challenges.  To successfully excel in their new setting, children must achieve and master certain educational and social skills to adequately adapt and grow in a more accountable and often faster paced setting.

It may seem early, but for families who will be making the transition into Kindergarten, parents should seek counsel or advice from teachers or experts and possibly even have an evaluation for their child to ensure that educational and social skill development is on track for entry into Kindergarten in the fall.

New Program to Help Kids “Be Prepared” with proper skills

To help those who may need additional support, Child Success Center will be holding Kindergarten Readiness Camps in the summer that will not only teach and prepare little ones, but they will have a blast with the classes too!  Presented as individual weekly Kindergarten Readiness Camps, kids will spend over 20 hours involved in activities designed to prepare them for the new rigors of Kindergarten.  The program will help children develop confidence when taking the first steps toward handwriting and reading.  The huge gymnasium at Child Success Center will be turned into a summer fun learning camp with the aim of turning “learning” into “play”.  The camp will feature swings, a trampoline, climbing wall and monkey bars, which will take children on an adventure and build up their kindergarten readiness skills.  The program will also feature art, music and science activities that will inspire creative interests and will offer hands-on fun through touching, exploring and games.

Parents can enroll their kids in a single weekly program, but enrollment in two or three week sessions will build stronger, lasting skills.  Also, as a bonus, multiple week enrollees and those who bring a friend may be eligible for special discounts, so be sure to inquire when you call.  They will also create a personalized specialty program for small groups who might be interested.

Each Week-long Session Will Teach Kids To:

  • Recognize letters and match them with a name and sound
  • Master holding a pencil, marker or crayon
  • Develop attention and listening skills
  • Socialize and communicate
  • Enjoy learning

DATES: Dates:  July 8, 2013  – Aug 16, 2013

TIMES: 8:45AM – 1 PM, Monday through Friday

AGE: Starting Kindergarten in the Fall

ENROLLMENT: Call the Child Success Center on 310.899.9597 or email:

COST: Full Fee is $495 per week.


  • Early Bird registration and payment by Friday March 29, 2013 is $475.
  • Multiple week discounts are available.  Call for details.
  • Discounts are also available if you bring along a sibling or friend.  Call for details.
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