For parents wanting to ensure their kids are ready for kindergarten it can be a worrisome time!  Yes, kids entering kindergarten today are expected to have a greater foundation for writing and reading basics, but it doesn’t need to be a tearful or terrifying process to prepare them for this important milestone.  A child’s ability to grasp, learn and embrace new concepts and ideas is significantly enhanced when learning is done in an environment and with methods he or she already knows well.  Learning through kinesthetic play as part of the process is extremely effective because it’s far more enjoyable for kids.  While some preschools are slowly incorporating more of this concept into their curriculum, some state of the art learning centers, such as Child Success Center, have centered entire tutoring and learning programs around this platform.

Child Success Center’s program uses a unique combination of teaching letters through “Zoo Phonics,” “Handwriting Without Tears,” and activities carried out in a fully equipped sensory gym, complete with a climbing wall, rope ladder, swings and a zip line/ball pit.

Their Zoo-phonics Multisensory Language Arts Program is a kinesthetic, multi-modal approach to learning all aspects of language arts.  The program associates letters of the alphabet with zoo characters, which serve as memory pegs to help a child sound out the letter they are learning.  The Zoo Phonics Kindergarten Kit has proven so effective, it recently was awarded the 2012, 17th Annual Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice For the Classroom Award!

The Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum helps children develop their writing skills through multisensory play-based instruction. Activities with hands-on materials—Wood Pieces Set, Capital Letter Cards, Mat, CDs, Slate Chalkboard, and Blackboard—address different senses to teach correct formation, spacing, sequencing, and other writing skills.  Children move, touch, feel, and manipulate real objects as they learn the habits and skills essential for writing. Other multisensory lessons in the teachers’ guides use voices, letter stories, door tracing, imaginary writing, and mystery letters to teach letter formation and placement on lines.

The Child Success Center’s Get Set For Kindergarten Zoo Camp is a multi-week program that is extremely affordable at only $45 a session and fully equips students with the skills and most importantly, the confidence they will need to excel in their new world of learning.  It may seem early, but the program can get tight seasonally, so parents are urged to sign up as early as possible. For more information contact Child Success Center today at 310-899-9597. 

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