Summer Reading and Fluency Program

Summer Reading and Fluency Program—give your child the gift of a lifetime.

At the Child Success Center Summer Academy, our goal is to effectively impact a child’s academic learning problems by preparing the brain for learning.

Gaining and developing reading and writing skills does not come naturally for all children. For every 1 in 5 children, developing the underlying language, visual, auditory, sensory motor and attention and memory skills to process knowledge, and thus achieve academic success, can be significantly challenging. Because learning styles differ from one child to another, some learn better in an emotionally safe environment where there is ample opportunity for repetition and mastery. In addition to environment, specific programs, designed to meet the needs of individual processing strengths and challenges, can be introduced to further facilitate learning success.

Bright students just shouldn’t be struggling.

When children with at least average intellectual ability struggle to learn, even with adequate instruction, there is likely some form of foundational learning disability.

Questions parents commonly ask are: “How do I know what support my child needs?  Does my child need a tutor – a summer off  or time spent in a summer program, and at what level of intensity? What are the costs involved?”

At Child Success Center, the first step through our assessment process, designed and implemented by experienced education therapists, is to identify your child’s learning profile.  Then a customized program that prepares the brain for learning is created to “unlock” learning challenges by developing/strengthening the underlying/supporting thinking processes and laying down the basic academic skills. Working on either area by itself may make some temporary gains, but will not correct the learning difficulties in the long term. For some children, this “work” is accomplished in a “just right” learning group. For others, individual, one-on-one support proves more effective.

Whichever approach is decided upon, daily instruction is critical to the process. The summer offers a great time to provide a child with the frequency they often need but are unable to receive during the busy school year.

About the “Summer Reading and Fluency Success” Program:

Summer Reading and Fluency program Child Success Center Santa Monica

Our Educational Therapists have designed a therapeutic summer reading program for children in grades 1-4. The assessment process determines the child’s weak areas and through myriad fun and creative activities, the neurological processes that build a strong foundation for fluent reading are addressed. An individualized plan will be created and delivered one-on-one or in small groups, and scheduled as daily intervention or as needed, depending on the child’s needs. Children who have struggled with reading begin to enjoy positive reading experiences as their neurological processes are strengthened and foundational skills are acquired. The results of the summer session will be evident in the fall school term as the child experiences success in…

  • Word Reading (Decoding)
  • Spelling
  • Passage Reading
  • Fluency
  • Word Meanings




Individual intensives and groups are now being scheduled. Call today for a pre-summer assessment or e-mail: officemanager@ChildSuccessCenter.com

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