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Helping Children Learn


All children learn differently. Each child has his or her own unique learning and processing style: Some children learn better when they hear information, others when they see it, still others learn best when they hear and see information simultaneously. In addition, some children face learning challenges that make it very difficult to impossible to learn the foundational skills necessary to read, write or calculate.

At Child Success Center®, it is the Educational Therapist who helps identify how your child learns best and some of the stumbling blocks that may be preventing him or her from reaching his/her potential. We work in partnership with parents and any other professionals working with the child, to ensure that your child gets the right start and continues to grow as a life-long, independent learner.

>Issues Treated with Educational Therapy

>Pediatric Educational Therapy Evaluation

>Educational Therapy Process

>Educational Therapy Parents Learning Center

>Educational Therapy Information Sheet

>What is the difference between an Educational Therapist and a Tutor?

>Do You Know Someone With a Learning Problem?

>Educational Developmental Checklist

>What is Dyslexia?


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