Summer 2020 Learning and Enrichment

Summer 2020 Learning and Enrichment – Customized to Address the Needs of Each Child.

Schools have been closed for months, and savvy parents, along with concerned school faculties are starting to ask, what comes next? Reopening our schools will require far more than simply spreading out desks and making new rules for recess. Unfortunately, there won’t be a vaccine in the fall for the inevitable woes many students will suffer in this 2020/2021 educational year as a result of the Covid-19 shut-down. 

Now is the time for customized learning and enrichment to meet the needs of each individual child.

Addressing An Urgent Need

Parents and schools have done their best.  Out of necessity, parents have become their children’s teachers, and the teachers have become proficient Zoom users and distance learning experts. But, what else needs to be done to prepare young primary students for the challenges they will encounter in 1st and 2nd grade?

“When L.A. schools reopen, they’ll have catching up to do”, says LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times).


UPDATE: July 13, 2020 – LAUSD has announced it will not be opening for in-person classes at the beginning of the fall term. No date has yet been given for schools to re-open for classes.

We at CSC have recognized and made plans to meet this urgent need.  We are offering customized, specialized support, learning and enrichment for students impacted by the recent school disruption through the collaboration of CSC’s team of professional therapists, and the melding of the principles of occupational therapy and educational therapy. “We are especially concerned about writing and phonics in grades 1-3,” says owner Melissa Idelson. “There are critical benchmarks in the primary grades that must be achieved. Failure to hit these marks can lead to further falling behind, as the challenges of 2nd grade and beyond increase.”

Summer learning and enrichment

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Catching up on writing and phonics after the Covid-19 school disruption.

SPARK Writing & Phonics Program

SPARK Writing & Phonics Program-Child Success CenterSPARK Reading & Writing – Igniting literacy skills or lifelong success!

SPARK Writing & Phonics Program - Child Success Center

Occupational Therapy Meets Educational Therapy

Customized learning and enrichment – an innovative approach to addressing deficits your child may be experiencing as a result of interrupted social, emotional, occupational and educational development during recent school closures. 

If you are a parent with concerns about your child who is struggling with reading and legible handwriting,  Child Success Center is here for you!

Success Center’s new SPARK Writing & Phonics Program is team based, blending occupational therapies with educational therapies to support the learning of handwriting skills, phonemic awareness, articulation of sounds and phonics.

This fun, interactive and engaging 8-day program, offered via Zoom, will give your child the opportunity to acquire crucial skills that will foster and support his/her love of reading and writing. Using research based learning programs and Handwriting Without Tears ,  campers will experience success and pride as they learn about letters and sounds and how to recognize and successfully use them in writing, reading and communication.

Each session will be led by two highly qualified therapists – our Occupational Therapist Courtney and our Educational Therapist Ann. This unique collaboration between two disciplines will allow your child to learn crucial writing and phonics skills and attain the confidence needed for school success in the upcoming year.

  • handwriting legibility and fluidity including letter formation, spacing and line orientation
  • phonemic awareness – identification of letter sounds and blends needed for reading (decoding) and spelling (encoding)
  • phonics – able to recognize and form the letters to make these sounds
  • develop the physical strength and coordination to write without becoming fatigued or stressed
  • practice the skill of handwriting, spelling and sharing of ideas on paper

Ages: 6-8 (children struggling with reading & handwriting)


July 13-16 & July 20-23, MON.- THUR., 9-10AM

Cost: $780

This group is currently limited to a maximum of 4 children and will be offered via Zoom. 

Call for more info and to enroll: 310.899.9597

> SPARK 2020 Reading & Writing Program Flyer – Click Here

> SPARK Summer Math Program – Click Here


Kindergarten Enrichment Micro Camp 

Kindergarten Learning and Enrichment Camp 2020

One of the greatest challenges of a young child’s life is the transition from preschool into an elementary school environment. With this summer being shaped entirely differently than any other it marks the end of an era and the beginning of their relationship with adjusting to a new way of learning and a new way of transitioning into school. Many aspects of kindergarten are new for your child. The school is bigger, there is more time sitting at a table, more focus on letters and numbers, more time involved with handwriting, more time listening and a lot more structure. The days are longer and there is often more independence required. Using our Kindergarten Curriculum that we have been successfully running for 8 years we now established a Kindergarten Enrichment MICRO Camp that will support your soon to be Kindergartener so they have the necessary skills and confidence for the upcoming school year, however this looks.

Dates:  July 20-23, July 27-30 & August 3-6

Times: 9AM – Noon, Mon. – Thurs.

Cost: $650/week

Max – 4 children, 1 teacher who is a deeply trained and experienced Occupational Therapist

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Micro Camps & Semi Private Tutoring

Camps Private Tutoring

Details coming soon!


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