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The SPARK Program – Igniting reading and math brain power for elementary and middle schoolers!

In a fun, interactive and engaging format, your child will learn practical ways to re-shape their math or reading brains. Each child works one-on-one with a Child Success Center learning specialist within a reading or math curriculum developed to fit their individual needs. This curriculum is drawn from evidence-based reading and math programs that will provide your child with the learning foundation he needs to successfully navigate those subjects. When the prescribed protocols are diligently followed, The SPARK Program has a 100% rate of success in raising a child’s reading or math levels by one grade.


Studies reveal that a child can lose up to 30% of their math and reading abilities over the summer break, commonly known as the “summer slide”. Just a couple of hours a day during the summer spent working on these skills will mean your child is at the academic level he needs to be in the Fall and prepared to move up to the next grade.

Whether your child needs some help with areas of difficulty or could benefit from a head start on next year’s skill set, this summer program will be the “spark” needed for success. We will light up and turn on your child’s learning brain power.

  • Pre & post assessments to measure success
  • Research based programs
  • Delivered by CSC educational therapy department
  • Initial assessment required – please call to schedule

Grades: 1-5 & 6-8

When: Summer Intensive Sessions – June thru August, Monday – Friday, daily 1 hour individual sessions

School year sessions available upon request.


>Elementary School Program Flyer

>Middle School Program Flyer

Enrollment: Call the Child Success Center – 310.899.9597.

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