Struggles with Handwriting

Does Your Child Have Messy Handwriting and Does it Really Matter in Today’s Digital World?dysgraphia-handwriting skills

There has been some discussion recently about the viability and necessity of learning penmanship skills. Yet research shows that writing by hand engages the brain and is a vital component of literacy. Since handwritten testing throughout the school system is unlikely to change any time soon, learning to write quickly and clearly is an important means to an end. With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, the emphasis and expectations placed on classroom note-taking and expository writing in grades K–5 is greater than ever.

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Why Kids Need to Learn Handwriting

Dygraphia Symptoms

Child Success Center - Therapy for DysgraphiaIf your child is having challenges such as these,  Child Success Center offers OT handwriting screenings at your school or our center, to determine which therapies would be most beneficial.

  • Has difficulty holding pencils or markers?
  • Has difficulties coloring within the lines?
  • Has messy or sloppy handwriting?
  • Has illegible handwriting?
  • Seem weak or uncoordinated?
  • Write too large/too small?
  • Occasionally or frequently reverse letters/numbers?
  • Has some difficulty learning letters/numbers correctly?
  • Has difficulty staying on a line?
  • Has a hard time with handwriting activities or learning new skills?

Dysgraphia Help

25-33% of children are challenged with dysgraphia. Our occupational therapy program can help children, ages 4 and up, develop strong handwriting skills through fine and visual motor skill strengthening and development.

We also offer our Handwriting Club providing a fun learning environment, where your child will be placed in a group setting designed to match specific skill and age levels. Our small group size and interactive indoor gym promote a positive approach to learning an often difficult and challenging skill. We incorporate multi-sensory strategies and whole brain learning – featuring the Handwriting Without Tears® program. This easy-to-learn curriculum makes handwriting mastery joyful for students of all levels.


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Additional Dysgraphia Information

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