Reading Club

Reading should be fun! If your school-aged child is struggling with reading, Child Success Center offers an effective and fun program to help your child. The Summer Reading Club begins with standardized academic and literacy assessments. Assessments are followed by a parent meeting to help you best understand the roots of your child’s challenge and the individualized plan designed by our team to meet your child’s specific needs.

The right instruction in the right environment is key to making summer learning internally driven and fun. Child Success Center’s team of highly-trained, qualified, masters’ level educational therapists make every moment count. Our Reading Club focuses on supporting reading acquisition, fluency, accuracy, comprehension and written expression when appropriate Educational Therapists use a multi-sensory approach to focus on key areas of learning:

  • Phonemic Awareness – Awareness of individual sounds in spoken words
  • Phonics knowledge – Understanding of sounds for letters and common letter patterns, and the ability to apply that knowledge to read unfamiliar words
  • Fluency – Accuracy and speed of reading
  • Vocabulary — Development of individual word knowledge
  • Comprehension – Ability to understand and verbally express what has been read or said

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