Kindergarten Enrichment Camp – Program Details

88B2126One of the greatest challenges of a young child’s life is the transition from preschool into an elementary school environment. The summer marks the end of an era and the beginning of their relationship with learning. Many aspects of kindergarten are new for your child. The school is bigger, there is more time sitting at a table, more focus on letters and numbers, more time involved with handwriting, more time listening and a lot more structure. The days are longer and there is often more independence required.

Results-Driven Program Prepares Kids with the Skills Needed for this Big Transition

To prepare kids for their new challenges, Child Success Center offers Kindergarten Enrichment Camp every summer. The camp not only teaches and prepares children for kindergarten, but they have a blast, too! Presented as individual weekly “camps” or a 2-week session, campers – in a small group – will spend over 20 hours a week involved in activities designed to help them develop the skills needed to excel in kindergarten. The program helps children develop confidence when taking the first steps toward reading, writing, attending to a new routine and making new friends. CSC’s huge gymnasium is turned into a fun learning camp with swings, a trampoline, a climbing wall and monkey bars to take children on an adventure while building up their kindergarten skills.

Parent Testimonials:

“I can’t say enough about K-Camp. My daughter attended K-Camp for two weeks and it gave her exposure to early literacy and numeracy, as well as provided a structured day that really prepared her for the kindergarten transition. As a parent, it gave me peace of mind that she would be ready to take the next steps.”

“My son had the best week at the Kindergarten Readiness Camp with Shelby. He is starting Kindergarten in September after completing a year of TK so it was the perfect refresher midway through summer. The camp focused on academics but also social interaction, self-regulating, transitioning and much more. My son said they played fun games and he loved taking breaks and playing in the gym. For a boy who doesn’t love doing table work he said it was the best camp! I could not be happier.”

Program Details:

Start Dates: July 17, July 24 & July 31

Times: 8:45 a.m. – 1 p.m., Monday through Friday

Cost: $574.00 per week. *Early bird special honored until April 1 – $495.00.

Enrollment: Call the Child Success Center – 310.899.9597.

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Summer 2016 Camp Update:

“Overall, K-CAMP was a wonderful opportunity to work as a group learning with new people in new environments and having to adapt to a multitude of new experiences. Together we learned about whole-body listening and the Zones of Regulation and were able to use them throughout our time together. Each day we learned a new motion and new letters and practiced handwriting and word creation. By the end of the camp, many of the campers were reading words and developing their own skill set for interacting in social, learning and new settings. Through K-CAMP, we were able to meet each child where they were and cater to their specific needs. All of the experiences were conducive to the supportive learning endeavor and laid the foundation for the child’s learning journey.” ~Camp Teacher Shelby



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