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CSC ROCKETEERS launching READERS & WRITERSChild Success Center - Rocketeers Reading and Writing Program - learn to read write

Blast off on an adventure to build a joy of reading and writing.

Some children enter Kindergarten knowing about 3,000 words – some enter knowing 30,000, a clear advantage keeping in mind the rigorous curriculum they are expected to keep up with. Yes, even Kindergarten age students are expected to have more skills, academically and socially.

The Child Success Center’s acclaimed Kindergarten Enrichment Camp provides the first steps to building foundational skills for kids to begin their journey of learning to read and write. Our new Rocketeers  program focuses specifically on helping your child learn the fundamentals of reading and writing. Through acquisition of these skills, reading will become enjoyable for your child, opening up to him a world of endless possibilities, wonder and adventure. If a child can successfully engage, comprehend and enjoy what he is reading, learning becomes fun, exciting and natural.

Research shows that making sense of the little sounds that make up the sequence of language does not always come naturally. Research also indicates that, without instruction 25% of middle class first graders will have serious difficulty learning to read and write. Through a wide array of fun and engaging activities, Rocketeers will become aware of the similarities and differences in sounds, and learn the relationship between those sounds and the letters that represent them in written language.

Rocketeers will learn lifelong skills from the below research-driven and successfully used programs:

  • Sounds Fun© addresses phonemic awareness through building the foundation for sound & letter discrimination, developing the ability to discern between sounds & grow in areas of visual & auditory integration (
  • Sounds in Motion© builds on phonological skills through sound-symbol relationships, in addition to blending & segmenting through the incorporation of movement in learning (
  • Handwriting without Tears© is a multi-sensory approach to the developmental construction of letters through visual understanding & word formation (
  • Parent Participation- Helping families enrich their child’s learning is a strong component. Each class includes a parent training & take home activities that further support the advance in the child’s relation ship with learning.

A child’s ability to learn to read is dependent on the strength of their phonological awareness skills. Letters & all forms of print are a part of our everyday experience & are critical pieces in learning development.

Age Group: 4-6 year olds

Program Start Date: TBD depending on family needs.

Program is 10 sessions, each lasting 45 minutes.  Monday and Wednesdays – 2:15pm

Program fee: $650.00

Group size: 4-6 students per group

Groups are now forming for session beginning in March – for enrollment information e-mail  or call 310/899-9597

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